Across the Dead-Line

Across the Dead-Line 1922

Gilead is a lumber town that is dominated by two branches of the Kidder family: the puritanical, ultra-conservative side led by Enoch and his son John, and the hedonistic branch led by Enoch's brother Aaron. Aaron plans to sway John to come over to his side by using a young girl who has lost her memory to lure him over, but when he kidnaps her John sets out to free her. Complications ensue.

  • Released: 1922-01-09
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Western
  • Stars: Frank Mayo, Russell Simpson, Wilfred Lucas, Lydia Knott, Molly Malone, Frank Thorwald, Josef Swickard, William Marion, Whitehorse, Alfred Hewston
  • Director: Jack Conway