633 Squadron

633 Squadron 1964

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When Norwegian resistance leader Lieutenant Erik Bergman reports the location of a German V-2 rocket fuel plant, the Royal Air Force's 633 Squadron is assigned the mission to destroy it. The plant is in a seemingly-impregnable location beneath an overhanging cliff at the end of a long, narrow fjord lined with anti-aircraft guns. The only way to destroy the plant is by collapsing the cliff on top of it.

  • Released: 1964-04-06
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, War
  • Stars: Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris, Maria Perschy, Harry Andrews, Donald Houston, Michael Goodliffe, John Meillon, Gumball Williams, John Bonney, Angus Lennie, Scot Finch, Barbara Archer, Julian Sherrier, Geoffrey Frederick, Johnny Briggs, Suzan Farmer, Anne Ridler, Peter Kriss, Cavan Malone, Richard Shaw  Show all >
    Sean Kelly, John Church
  • Director: Walter Grauman