Advance to the Rear

Advance to the Rear 1964

5.1 10

As punishment for their incompetence in battle, disgraced Union soldier Capt. Jared Heath and his apathetic commanding officer, Col. Claude Brackenbury, are reassigned away from the front lines. The hapless Heath and Brackenbury must now lead a ragtag group on a classified mission to protect a transport for the U.S. Treasury. Complicating matters is Martha Lou Williams, a Confederate agent posing as a lady of the evening.

  • Released: 1964-06-10
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, War, Western
  • Stars: Stella Stevens, Glenn Ford, Melvyn Douglas, Jim Backus, Joan Blondell, Andrew Prine, Alan Hale Jr., Jesse Pearson, Whit Bissell, James Griffith, Michael Pate, Joe Brooks, Robert Carson, Yvonne Craig, Preston Foster, Britt Ekland, Charles Horvath, Paul Langton, Frank Mitchell, Hal Needham  Show all >
    Chuck Roberson
  • Director: George Marshall