All Hat
3.2 6

An ex-con returns to his rural Ontario roots and outwits a corrupt and wealthy thoroughbred owner trying to take over a slew of local farms. Ray Dokes, a charming ex-ballplayer, returns from jail to discover the rural landscape of his childhood transformed by urban development. Determined to stay out of trouble, Ray heads to the farm of his old friend Pete Culpepper, a crusty Texas cowboy who trains losing racehorses and whose debts are growing faster than his corn.

  • Released: 2007-09-11
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Western
  • Stars: Michael Mahonen, Sima Fisher, Shawn C. Orr, Michelle Nolden, Charlotte Laurier, Rachael Leigh Cook, Keith Carradine, Brooke Johnson, Lorne Brass, Doug Murray, Joel S. Keller, David Gardner, Lisa Ray, Stephen McHattie, Christopher Bolton, Noam Jenkins, Trent McMullen, Jessica Barrow, David Alpay, Tracy Wright  Show all >
    Ellen-Ray Hennessy, Luke Kirby, Nigel Hamer, Gary Farmer, Deanna Dezmari, Graham Greene, Ernie Hudson, Diego Fuentes
  • Director: Leonard Farlinger