12 Mart: Gripes

12 Mart: Gripes 1994

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Revolutionaries passed before the streets of the 1960s on the road to democracy. Then the youth with the victory songs, the workers with the rebel flags, the rightists, the leftists and the putschists again. The country spent 12 years in the grip of the revolution and in the end all roads came to the same crossroads. Ankara was restless in the minutes when the ousted prime minister of the Democratic Party, Adnan Menderes, was hanged. The news of Menderes' execution had not yet come. There was an anxious wait in the houses. Ears were on the radio. Everyone was wondering what happened in Imrali. In the Assembly, the National Unity Committee was in a meeting. They were also trying to learn the fate of Menderes. Suddenly, news came that EP Chairperson Ragıp Gümüşpala and Secretary General Şinasi Osman wanted to meet with the committee urgently. The committee members did not break the request of their former commander Gümüşpala and made an appointment for 14:30...

  • Released: 1994-04-03
  • Runtime: 43 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary, History
  • Stars: Mehmet Ali Birand, Metin Toker, Suphi Karaman, Muhsin Batur, Cüneyt Arcayürek
  • Director: Bülent Çaplı, Can Dündar