12 Mart: Rebellion

12 Mart: Rebellion 1994

Staff Colonel Talat Aydemir... Aydemir's February 22 rebellion was the first revolutionary attempt in Turkey that faced resistance. But it was also the most dangerous... The thing the army feared most happened to him. The most undesirable possibility of the commanders in charge came true and friction broke out between the armies. At that time, the commander of 27 May, Cemal Aga, was appointed to the presidency, but the discomfort did not end. A group led by Colonel Talat Aydemir sought to intervene again. However, a part of the army, especially the Air Force, left Aydemir alone at the last moment. Talat was still strong in Ankara. In order to break this power, Prime Minister İnönü found the formula to dismiss the leaders of the rebel officers and appoint them to the East. Here is February 22, the day when these appointments will be announced to the rebels. The apocalypse was expected that day. And it broke that day...

  • Released: 1994-04-17
  • Runtime: 35 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary, History
  • Stars: Mehmet Ali Birand, Metin Toker, Emin Aytekin, Suphi Karaman, Ekrem Alican, Bülent Ecevit
  • Director: Bülent Çaplı, Can Dündar