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Yukari Nishihara, 25, earns her living as an art model and aspires to become an actress. One day, while she was out, she saw “a man's face about to jump off the roof of a building”, and since then she has been suffering from a peculiar constitution: she sees a suicide while on her period, faints, and develops a fever. The goddess of love does not smile on Yukari, who is unable to become a sweet girl with a nice boyfriend. The only things that can save Yukari now are her best friend Hana, who has a keen intuition, and a suppository that can break a fever in one shot. On the day of an important audition, Yukari has decided that this is her last chance. However, Yukari realizes that she has forgotten her antipyretic suppositories, and her eyes meet those of another soon-to-be suicide victim. She is in a desperate situation. What does Yukari do?

  • Released: 2002-03-16
  • Runtime: 76 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
  • Stars: Yuki Tanada, Magal Tsuji, Mayasu Mizuta, Itoko Tsuji, Takushi Hina, Ishikawa Takako, Saiyasu Iwanami
  • Director: Yuki Tanada