24 h D-Day

24 h D-Day 2024

D-Day marks the starting point for the liberation of Western Europe from the grip of the Nazi yoke. On June 6th, 1944, Allied soldiers attack German positions at no less than five sectors of the beach in Normandy. The assault takes place from the sea and is considered the largest amphibious landing operation in history. This event now sees its 80th anniversary. But so close, so authentic, this battle has never been shown before. American and British cameramen are at the scene in landing boats, under fire at the beaches, and during the rescue of wounded soldiers. Their original footage, shoot in black-and-white, was extensively restored and colourized for this documentary. The historically unique footage appear in motion picture quality. The war gets colour. And thereby a different impact. We look directly in the faces of those, Americans, Canadians, Britons, and Germans, who are often not older than 20. In “24h D-Day”, they tell about their D-Day, the day they never can forget.

  • Released: 2024-05-27
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary, History, War
  • Stars: Harold "Alex" Adair, Billy "Boots" Bettridge, Rolf de Boeser, Jean-Marie Girault, Franz Gockel, Bruno Plota, Hans Heinze, Edward David "Ed" Shames, David E. Silva, Roy Stevens, Roy Stevens "Bob" Slaughter
  • Director: Michael Kloft